You have goals? Great. But do you have deadlines?

I know most of you have big dreams when it comes to real estate investing. Maybe you're looking to own several buildings. Maybe you have smaller lifestyle dreams. For example, perhaps you want to own enough properties so that you can quit your day job.

Whatever your goals are, I was reminded this week of an essential component of setting goals - attaching deadlines.

Last week, in one of my Mastermind Sessions, a fellow entrepreneur asked me, "Dan, what can you accomplish by the end of next week that will make you feel extraordinary about the week you just had?"

I have to say that that was quite a question. But it's the kind of challenging question that sharpens the mind and brings out my best.

I thought about it and my answer was, "Launch a new website that I'd been kicking around for a while."

I now had a challenging goal and a deadline to meet.

The deadline was key. By knowing exactly how much time I had in which to finish my goal, I was able to really focus on what it would take to meet it.

The good news is that I'm on track to reach my goal. I know that without the pressure of a deadline, I wouldn't have gotten it done.

So, I ask all of our members:

  • What was your goal for last week? 
  • Did you have one? 
  • Did you accomplish it? 

If you didn't have one:

  • What can you accomplish by the end of this week that will make you feel extraordinary about your progress?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Finish a book by the end of the week.
  • Contact three other members by the end of the week to talk about real estate strategies.
  • Take one member out to coffee by the end of the week.
  • Look at the 15 deals by the end of the week.

Once you've set a goal and a deadline, you'll be surprised at how focused you can become.

And if you're setting goals and deadlines but having a hard time reaching them, next time, I'll add in a quick tip to make sure you always meet your goal!