An amazingly simple yet powerful success tip that 90% of people won't do

Succeeding in real estate is a lot simpler than you may think. In fact, I'm going to share a tip with you in this email that will put you ahead of 90% of the people out there. One of the first books on real estate investing that I read was written by Bryan Chavez, a former athlete who wrote a very detailed book with a very cheesy title: Buy It. Rent It. Profit.

I came across the book by chance and bought it after reading the preview (through Amazon) and enjoying his motivational message as well as practical real estate tips.

One tip he gave made me pause and think, "Can it really be that simple?"

You see, Bryan had learned in his years as a real estate investor that succeeding, while not easy, is relatively simple.

If you read about the lives of successful people, you'll start to see patterns emerging. And these patterns are shared by so many investors that soon you realize that it's more than a coincidence. Indeed, successful people often share many of the same traits and behaviors.

Let's take work ethic, for instance. Most successful people spend more time getting better at their craft than the rest of the population. I think we've probably all seen examples of that in our lives.

While it's not easy to have work ethic, there's nothing complicated about "working hard." It's something we can all adopt in our lives if we choose to do so.

But the thing he said that struck me wasn't about work ethic or being smarter or even being more creative than everyone else.

In fact, it's so simple that anyone can do it.

His insight is this:

You will beat 90% of the population by just doing this: Showing up.

That's it. Don't second guess whether something will be "worth your time" or excessively worry about the potential "negatives" that can happen - just show up.

If there's a real estate seminar going on - just show up.

If there's a class that's being offered on investing - just show up.

If there's a networking event happening - just show up.

The reason why this works is because most of the time, people won't show up. Some people will have great reasons; others not so great. But the bottom line is that when you average it all out, 10% will show up and 90% won't.

The same is true for our meetups.

Usually we get about 10% of our membership to show up.

So, by simply attending a meetup, you're doing what 90% of the people aren't able to do.

And I'll tell you from experience, when it comes to success, you definitely don't want to be doing what everyone else is doing - unless of course you want the same results that everyone else gets.

I've also seen the power of showing up from my own experiences.

At one of our earlier meetups, I met a member named Katie. Katie is definitely a motivated investor with a ton of work ethic. I kept in touch with her through email, and she suggested I get in touch with another investor she met online.

I was pretty busy at the time, and I had every excuse to put it off. But I decided to give it a shot and arranged an online Skype call with her contact.

The meeting went great. We talked for over an hour. Afterwards, we kept in touch, and later, he asked me to do some freelance work for him that would give me real insight into the actual process of purchasing large, multifamily mobile home parks (over 50 lots). He then introduced me to his friend who is a successful author and investor who offered to mentor me if I wanted to write my own book on investing.

All that happened because of one random person I met at a meetup who introduced me to one other random person.

Some may say it was "luck," but it wasn't; it was because I chose to just show up.

So there you have it: The power of just showing up. It's real. It can make an incredible impact on your life. It's really easy to do. And this one simple act will put you ahead of 90% of the crowd.

(Banner photo by Joshua Earle, Unsplash)