Apologies to our members...


I was reviewing the last email I sent everyone, and I wanted to apologize. I realize that I might have gone a little overboard and come off as being a little bit "overhyped." As a very successful and wise colleague once told me,

"It’s much better to underpromise and overdeliver than overpromise and underdeliver."
Manage your expectations as a real estate investor.

Manage your expectations as a real estate investor.

So let me explain what got me so excited in my last email.

I’ve known Ben Leybovich, our October speaker, for about a year now. I got to know him from his articles on BiggerPockets, and I really connected with his philosophy behind investing - Ben is all about looking at the numbers realistically and letting them dictate whether to invest or not.

One of his most memorable quotes to me was,

There's no such thing as deal-flow! You can't guarantee your investors you'll find a deal in the 'next month.' You just look at the numbers and when the numbers say invest, you invest.
There is no deal flow in real estate.

There is no deal flow in real estate.

If you read his BiggerPockets articles, he's the opposite of hype. He's all about calming down newbie investors and getting them to really think through their investment before making a purchase.

Back in 2014, when I was just getting started in real estate investing, Ben Leybovich had no idea who I was.

I was just another newbie with no real estate experience, no networks, and not even this meetup to network with other investors here in Korea.

I thought my chances of ever "connecting" with an investor of Ben Leybovich’s caliber were remote.

However, there’s something about being focused on a goal and working hard toward it that the universe seems to reward.

Real estate rewards those who work hard.

Real estate rewards those who work hard.

By working to build my real estate portfolio and this Meetup, I’ve been able to increase the caliber of my networks.

And, I’m happy to say, that network includes Ben Leybovich, whom I've now Skyped with several times.

Being able to introduce someone whom I've admired to the members of the Seoul Real Estate Investing Meetup is a real pleasure for me.

So that might explain some of the "hype" in my last emails. It's just my excitement at actually being able to get Ben Leybovich to speak to us here in Korea. It's exciting that I can now call on investors of his caliber to share their knowledge with our group.

But I don't want to "overpromise" and "underdeliver."

As great a value as I feel our meetup provides, I know that attending a single event will not immediately transform you into an experienced investor. Hearing Ben Leybovich talk once won’t suddenly qualify you to syndicate your next deal. You're not going to realistically go from zero real estate experience to buying your next house with "low to no money down" (as Ben has done in the past) without a lot of studying and seasoning.

But I do know that consistent action and surrounding yourself with people who share the same goals can lead to incredible progress.

While I won't guarantee instant real estate riches from attending a meetup, I can say with no hype that you will absolutely benefit from surrounding yourself with other motivated real estate investors and continuing to expand your real estate knowledge.

As always, I appreciate all the support from our members and for putting up with my occasional "overhyped" messages!

Enjoy your holiday weekend. Stay tuned for Monday as we give all our members a chance to win a 25,000 won Starbucks gift card by answering a few questions and attending our next meetup. To participate, be sure to RSVP for our Saturday, October 17 meetup with Ben Leybovich.