Seventeen tips for international real estate investing success

Seventeen tips for international real estate investing success

Although I am a US citizen, when I made my first overseas investment in 2014, I invested in an area I knew nothing about - Jacksonville, Florida. I had never visited the area and knew no one from that area. I faced a lot of the same difficulties that foreigners faced. Anyway, I took a stab at answering this question and added 17 tips for foreign investors.

Decide how much to pay for a property... while sitting at your computer

Decide how much to pay for a property... while sitting at your computer

Today, we'll talk a little bit about investing in Single Family Homes (aka Single Family Residences). I bought my first Single Family Resident (SFR) in Jacksonville, Florida, in 2014.

A guide for international real estate investors looking to invest in the USA

Are you looking to invest from out-of-country in US Real Estate? If so, I'm sure you have lots of questions! I know I did when I first got started. One of the first questions anyone asks when they are considering international real estate investing is: Where should I invest?

A great big list of online web resources and books that will help supercharge your real estate investing!

This list is long list of resources necessary to get started in real estate investment. Learn about what seasoned real estate investors use to network, look at properties, learn about neighborhoods, check crime, find out how much people pay in rent, etc.

Investing in the US from out of the country: How to pick and analyze a city

The three most important things in real estate? Location location location. If you're interested in investing abroad, then you know one of the first things you must consider: Whether the city you are planning to invest in has a bright economic outlook. A number of experienced investors have told me that even though they bought at the wrong price, they were saved because they bought in an area that was growing or developing.

Of course, as out-of-country investors, that presents a challenge as you may not have lived in an area you're considering investing in.

Today I wanted to share with you a very well-written article (written by a CPA) that breaks down how to find valuable demographic data about a city's employment numbers, main employers, housing prices, etc. all in one place, and available on the web - for free.

Click on the link below to read the article:

Looking to invest out-of-state? Here’s how to pick and analyze a city