Do you view success as your duty?

I was thinking about an important topic - how to view success. Often times, how we perceive something will go a long ways toward determining whether we achieve our goals or not. So when it comes to success (and you can define it anyway you want to - success financially, success in relationships, success in your health, success in your relationship with God), how do you view it?

Do you view it as:

  • something you'd like to have but may be unobtainable? (wishing upon a star)
  • something you'd like to have ample amounts of but feel somewhat guilty for? (a form of Survivor's Syndrome)
  • a duty you owe yourself and your family, to become as successful in all aspects of your life as you can so that you can help spread the benefits and joy that come from it? (Not really the way we're taught in school, right?)

When I look at our members, such as Jacob and Victoria, John, Paul, Josh, Robert, to name a few, and I see the type of actions they are taking and the successes they are achieving, it's truly inspiring. And they are doing these things while in Korea.

So as part of this Meetup, you know that:

  • being in Korea is not going to hold you back.
  • not knowing the right people, is not going to hold you back (we have plenty of members you can talk to help you start creating the right networks).
  • lack of education and resources is not going to hold you back (See our post on Internet Resources to check out some of what's available.)

So the only question left is this: Will you hold yourself back? A lot of times we do, and it starts with how we view success.