Don't try to succeed at something - create a habit which makes success inevitable

One big mindset shift I went through as I tried to get various projects going was this: Instead of trying to succeed at one particular (or several) project, focus on implementing habits of success. In other words, build a system which leads to success. Create routines that not only involve getting work done, but also mindset, networking, & learning.

Do what successful people do regularly and your own success will soon follow.
Habits lead to success in real estate.

Habits lead to success in real estate.

Here's a great article on building habits. It's long and detailed, and following it to a tee might be impossible. But it touches on a lot of key concepts to success habit formation. (I'm not affiliated with this author or website in any way. If nothing else, it's a great example of very high level content.)

Finding a good WordPress theme or freelancer might help you get a task done, but developing a sustainable habit of success is key to overall long term results.