Oct 2015 recap – Ben Leybovich, creator of JustAskBenWhy, visits

We were super excited to have Ben Leybovich as our speaker - not only is he a prolific blogger on BiggerPockets, but he's also the creator of Cash Flow Freedom University at JustAskBenWhy.

Ben's done some extraordinary things in real estate including purchasing a 10 unit building worth $373,500 that he purchased for $5,300.

Ben went out of his way to deliver value to our group. He even created a special spreadsheet to help teach members about CapEx and how it affects the bottom line. Check out the video from 19:00 to see it.

Some of what he talks about is a bit complex. So, if you want the spreadsheet and/or have questions about it, feel free to jump into our closed Facebook Group to discuss it with our other members.