Say hello to our newest team members!

I’m proud to say the Seoul Real Estate Investing Meetup will be adding two new bilingual interns to its team. These interns will be of tremendous value to the group members because of their special skill-sets and because they will help our Korean-speaking members communicate more easily with our staff.


Research Analyst - Ingue Chun

Greetings Seoul Real Estate Meetup Group. I am honored to announce that I have been chosen to be a new intern for the group as a Research Analyst. I am a born and raised Korean that wants a better life through smart investments.
My background is in Economics and I've been studying the Korean & US markets for the past years through daily reading of Korean newspapers and averaging about a book a week on real estate and the lives of others.
I will make it my goal as an Research Analyst to help better this group with information about different markets and also act as a Korean translator to help achieve better communication amongst Korean members. Don't hesitate to contact me regarding information about help with translations or for help with any type of real estate-related analysis.

US-Korea Liasion and Immigration Specialist - Natalie Heo

My name is Natalie Heo, born in Seoul and raised in NY. I'm Korean-American (bilingual), mother and a wife, with lots of experience and energy when it comes to real estate.
I am currently working full time for an immigration team in a corporate law firm in NYC and have 12+ years of experience in immigration law. I have always had a passion for real estate (I majored in Architecture), so I decided to get some practical real estate investing education by joining Robert Kiyosaki's exclusive Rich Dad, Poor Dad Coaching? program where I am currently networking with and learning from many of the industry's top professionals.
I am incredibly thrilled to join this incredible Seoul group and hope to provide tremendous value to both our English and Korean speaking members.
I love helping people with a passion! With my knowledge of legal aspect and real estate, I hope to make a tremendous contribution.

Thank you to everyone who applied! Remember, even if you're not an intern, there are plenty of ways to get involved.