Seoul REI Meetup seeks bilingual intern (Korean / English)

The Seoul Real Estate Investing Meetup, the largest real estate investing meetup in Korea on with over 300 members, is currently seeking an intern to help us do more outreach to our Korean-speaking membership. In the past, we've had real estate investors, such as @Brandon Turner, @Joshua Dorkin, @Ali Boone, @Engelo Rumora, @Matt Faircloth, @Chris Clothier, @Mark Shaffar attend our meetup as virtual guests.

What is an intern?

An intern is someone who will help the Meetup operate and run smoothly. The emphasis will be on helping us connect better with our Korean-speaking members, invited Korean guests, and other Korea-based businesses. Although we are based in Korea, the intern can work virtually from anywhere.

A typical week for an intern might:

  • work 0-5 hours / week (average around 2)
  • Meet with co-organizers virtually
  • Help to plan out the week
  • Do various contacting / networking / writing duties


Why should you be interested?

  1. Being an intern will give you a great opportunity to be a connector. You will help connect our Korean speaking members with worldwide opportunities. There's much value in being a connector.
  2. If you don't have the money or experience, this could be a tremendous way to get involved in real estate.

Imagine this - you want to invest in your first real estate deal. Only you have no money, no experience, and no networks. Should you give up?

If I had thought that way in 2014, I would have never have started my adventure into real estate. A little more than a year later, I can say this has been one of the greatest experiences of my life.

In a little less than a year, I've been able to:

  • Help organize and grow this meetup to over 300 members
  • Partner with a top 100 mobile home park owners to build out an online business
  • Help underwrite a $6 million condo deal and was offered a chance to fly to Austin, Texas to help do the due diligence on the deal
  • Meet with experienced investors, including a former fund manager who purchased over $2 billion in distressed real estate assets and a Memphis investor who helps manage over $300 million in real estate assets
  • Appear twice on the Marketing in Korea podcast with over 10,000 listeners (Check out my latest appearance where I talk about the success mindset necessary to be an entrepreneur and networking secrets.)

While I'm proud of these accomplishments, I'm not trying to brag, and I'm sure others have accomplished much more. I mention these things because I was able to accomplish all of this without spending a dime on real estate.

  1. You don't have to invest money to be involved in real estate.
  2. You don't have to have a mentor to get started.
  3. You don't need any experience to start your journey.

Now, just to be clear - I did invest some money in Jacksonville, Florida with some partners. But all my other accomplishments didn't cost a cent.

Without money, experience, and connections, you can still achieve your real estate dreams as long as you are willing to:

  1. Commit time - I spent time learning, meeting others, writing, and doing things for free in order to achieve many of the above. The way I saw it - I wasn't "working for free" - I was investing time and effort in myself.
  2. Stay focused and motivated - You need the right mindset in order to build something from nothing. If you're experiencing some self-doubt, then I encourage you to listen to the podcast interview above to hear about some of the strategies that helped me overcome my fears.
  3. Find the right people - Contrary to popular belief, networking is not about passing out as many cards as you possibly can and being the "most interesting person in the room." Networking is a search to find people you connect with.

As an intern, you will work alongside me and the other organizers to learn all about the great many opportunities that exist for those involved in Seoul Real Estate Investing Meetup.

  • You'll learn about how being a connector can actually earn you money - Listen to a past Seoul Real Estate Investing Meetup virtual Speaker, Ali Boone, talk about investing. Ali actually makes money by helping to educate investors and enjoys "designing" her lifestyle which includes teaching others how to fly!
  • You'll learn practical skills, including how to create an email campaign, put together your own website, use technology to build systems. You'll also learn about different marketing channels.
  • You'll gain a better understanding of how to invest in real estate.
  • You'll gain access to all types of investors who want to connect with the Korean market and need you to help them.
  • You'll gain a lot of practical experience (especially if you're based in Korea) using English related to business and real estate which will help in any job search.

Usually this type of experience and knowledge comes at a price - you have to pay someone to coach you! But we are offering all of this to the right person - no string attached. You don't have to pay for anything or buy anything.

You just have to have the right mindset: the ability to look into the future and see your future self - a smiling, confident, and successful real estate investor who's helping people in Korea learn about real estate opportunities all over the world.

You are, in other words, a true international real estate investor.

If that sounds like the kind of future that might interest you, then apply today! In your application. include:

  • Your name
  • Your current job / school (if any)
  • Your real estate experience, if any (none is required)
  • Why you'd like to be the Seoul Real Estate Investing Meetup's Intern.
  • One role model you have, if any.

We accept all nationalities and all age groups. Email me, Dan Ryu (, with the above information by this Sunday, September 27. (If you need more time, email me and ask for an extension. It's not a problem. I just want to know that you are seriously considering the position.)

We will conduct interviews where we can discuss your application in more detail.

This is not a paid position.