A guide for international real estate investors looking to invest in the USA

Are you looking to invest from out-of-country in US Real Estate? If so, I'm sure you have lots of questions! I know I did when I first got started. One of the first questions anyone asks when they are considering international real estate investing is: Where should I invest?

A great big list of online web resources and books that will help supercharge your real estate investing!

This list is long list of resources necessary to get started in real estate investment. Learn about what seasoned real estate investors use to network, look at properties, learn about neighborhoods, check crime, find out how much people pay in rent, etc.

July 2015 recap – Mark Shaffar, Midwest Equity Partner, visits

At 268 members and climbing, I can't be prouder of the meetup that @John Van Uytven, @Benjamin Hauser, and I have been able to grow out here in Seoul, South Korea. Of course, the road hasn't been a smooth "Kim Yuna-esque" glide toward 300 members. Along the way, we've faced a few rocky moments including our founder having to return to the U.S., changing venues from Gangnam to Hongdae (about 45 minutes from each other), and a MERs breakout before one of our events.