The DeRosa Group

May 2015 recap - Matt Faircloth, DeRosa Group CEO, visits

This month, we were really fortunate that on Memorial Day weekend, DeRosa Group founder and syndicator, Matt Faircloth agreed to join us for a live question-and-answer session. (Thank you to @Elizabeth Faircloth for helping to set this all up.)

Matt was able to give us so many actionable tips and was a great sport despite the late hour on his end (past midnight) and technical difficulties on our end.

During the question-and-answer session, we asked Matt, what enabled him to persevere in the beginning when he was just starting out and go from being a part-time house hacker to a full time real estate syndicator. This was his response:

DeRosa Group, Matt Faircloth, Visits the Seoul Real Estate Investing Meetup

Matt Faircloth, founder of the DeRosa Group visits the Seoul Real Estate Meetup to talk about the importance of focus in reaching your goals.

The DeRosa Group is dedicated to revitalizing communities for home and business. They are a people-focused, boutique development company offering renovated properties for rent and sale.

The DeRosa Group is committed to sustainable design while preserving historic characteristics. From rehabilitation of large commercial spaces to our hallmark residential restorations, we stand out from the rest.

In this clip, Matt talks about how he's able to transition from a newbie to a full time real estate investor with over $8 million in deals.