Technology leading to an age of international real estate investing?

International real estate now possible globally
International real estate now possible globally

As most of you know from our posts and forums, I'm someone that feels like technology is allowing more and more people to invest in international real estate. I know from first hand experience having bought my first investment internationally in Jacksonville, Florida, while living in Seoul, South Korea.

While I admit it was challenging to go through the due diligence process being so far away, I recently was going through the Seoul REI Twitter feed, and found that many others like me, were considering investing internationally.

Here are some of the articles I found:

In the articles, you will see that the recent stock market volatility is behind some of this "flight to real estate." It makes sense - with stock market prices having little to do with underlying economic fundamentals, it's nice to have a concrete, income producing asset that will grow with inflation.

What are your thoughts on investing internationally in real estate? Too much risk? A smart way to allocate resources? Let me hear your comments below.