Would you travel 7,531 miles to attend a real estate Happy Hour in Korea?

The Seoul Real Estate Investing Meetup continues to go strong! As John Van Uytven posted in an article a few weeks back, we had our first meetup in Seoul and were pleasantly surprised by the turnout.

This week we decided to host a Happy Hour for those who came to the Meetup along with other people interested in real estate.

Our special guest (at least for me and Benjamin Hauser ) - Our joint venture partners from Jacksonville, Florida, Maxwell Lee and Kelly L. were able to attend!

They didn't come just for the Happy Hour though. They happened to be near Korea while traveling Europe and Asia, so they stopped by Seoul before heading back stateside this week.

Also in attendance, fellow BiggerPockets member Jacob Michaels and his wife, Victoria.

I met Max and Kelly through BiggerPockets, and through video chatting, emails, etc. we eventually decided to invest together in Jacksonville along with my real estate partner here in Korea, Ben.

This weekend was the first time we were all able to meet in person.

So, BiggerPockets helps facilitate another "Investor Connection." Thanks for all the great work Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner!

Also, all the others mentioned in the post (except for Ben) were all people I had met through BiggerPockets.

I'm excited about the future. I will eventually start blogging on what it's like to invest from abroad and how we're able to create the necessary systems, etc. to make it all work out.

It's been quite a journey so far! So I wonder:

Has anyone else traveled 7,531 miles to meet up with their partners for the first time? If not, maybe we've set a new BP Record!

And now for some pictures: