Zero to real estate entrepreneur in less than a year - Dan Ryu tells how

I was recently asked to appear on Nicky Roche's podcast, Small Business Drivers, a podcast that focuses on "providing support, education and encouragement to small business owners, who essentially drive the economy." In the podcast, I discuss my transition from EFL teacher to entrepreneur to real estate investor and the importance of adopting the right mindset in making it all possible.

If you're interested in hearing the interview, there are several options:

I hope you enjoy it. I include my #1 productivity app for the moment and why looking for deals might be the wrong way to get started in real estate.

More about Nicky Roche (from her website):

Nicky has held senior management positions in three multinational companies. In addition, she has consulted to Coca Cola, Honda and numerous other corporate FMCG companies in South Africa, and has started and run businesses from a marketing consulting company in South Africa to a charter business in the Caribbean, and a property management business in Australia.