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Play Cashflow and discuss real estate with Jacob and Victoria Michaels.

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On March 19, Jacob and Victoria Michaels wowed their fellow Seoul Real Estate Investing Meetup members with their own real estate investing strategy.

As is often the case with good quality presentations and interesting topics, many audience members were left with only more questions to explore.

If you're one of those people or if you weren't able to make it the March 19 meetup, the Seoul Real Estate Investing Meetup, in collaboration with Jacob Michael's own meetup, is co-hosting a Cashflow board game day.

Cashflow is an educational board game designed by Robert Kiyosaki (the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad). It aims to teach players concepts of investing by having their money work for them in a risk-free setting (i.e., using play money) while at the same time increasing their financial literacy and stressing accountability. 

There are two stages to the game: "the rat race" and the "fast track." During the initial rat race, players aim to raise their respective character's passive income level so that it exceeds their character's expenses. Once a player achieves this level of passive income, he or she may move to the the fast track in which a winner is determined. To win, a player must get his or her character to buy a predetermined "dream" or accumulate an additional $50,000 in monthly cash flow.

Instead of score cards, there are financial statements. The game requires players to fill out their own financial statements to keep track of where their streams of income and expenses are coming from.


April 2, 2016


Jacob and Victoria will host the event at their house. However, we'll meet outside of Hongik University subway station, exit 4 at 9:45 am. Then Jacob will lead us to his home.

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