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Talkin' Real Estate w/ Friends #3: Investing in Rent-Controlled Properties in SF

  • TOZ Artreon 129, Sinchon-ro, Seodaem Seoul Republic of Korea (map)

(To sign up for this event please visit, please click here.)

The purpose of this informal meeting is to have an open-ended discussion about real estate investing with other real estate investors and professionals in Korea. Whether you're an experienced investor or just getting started, this is an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, discuss real estate investment strategies, and educate yourself about the real estate market in Korea (or abroad).

The meeting will be held at Artreon TOZ in downtown Sinchon. Artreon TOZ is a beautiful meeting space on the 14th floor of a larger cultural complex housing cinemas, an open theater, and a gallery.

We will be using a conference room equipped with a whiteboard, marker pens, a TV monitor, and cable connectors so that you can hook up your laptop to the monitor (if needed). The cost of using the space is 5,000 won per person (payable to TOZ) for 2 hours and includes unlimited coffee, tea, and soft drinks.


The topic for this meeting is investing in rent-controlled properties, especially in the San Francisco Bay area. How does real estate investing in San Francisco differ from that of other cities? What are the pros and cons of investing in rent-controlled properties? What are some legal considerations you should be aware of? What should you look out for in tenants? What are some common pitfalls? Should you invest in a rent-controlled property?

Sam Moon will lead the session. Sam is a former CPA from Silicon Valley turned full-time real estate investor. He has 20 years of real estate investing experience in the San Francisco Bay area and currently owns and manages over a dozen properties ranging from single family homes, apartments, and commercial units. He is also an experienced equities trader.